Rifle Classic Kit

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Rifle Classic Kit Р.22/.223/5.56mm Description: Classic Rifle Kits utilize steel rods rather than aluminum because they are more durable and less abrasive Engineered like the rods specified by the U.S. Government, they offer a much better thread system than the competition Rods are less apt to bend and break where the sections connect Kits are caliber specific and include the appropriate bore brush and cotton patches Features the best made cleaning components in the industry, neatly housed in a custom organizer tray and then securely packaged in a rugged, reusable polypropylene storage and carrying case Each kit includes a plastic muzzle guard to protect the crown of the barrel during the cleaning process All kits include a 2 oz. bottle of BreakFree CLP to Clean, Lubricate and Protect the firearm, a double-ended nylon utility gun brush, Silicone un and Reel cloth and 100% cotton patches A Classic Kit is available for virtually every firearm you own. Rods in the Handgun, Rifle and Blackpowder Kits are made of a smooth, high-grade steel (for maximum strength) with a black oxide finish and rotating handles

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.22-.223-5.56mm, .30-7.62mm

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